How Do the Businesses Gain Benefits from Artificial Intelligence

How Do the Businesses Gain Benefits from Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, machine learning or say the Internet of things are some of the topics that deserve discussion, especially during the time when the emerging technologies taking over the business industry. Although artificial intelligence is still a work in progress, we have seen what we can do and what advantages we can turn out to get by making use of this technology. Businesses have used artificial intelligence even without their knowledge at their workplace, or while they have been interacting with their clients. Say for example when ever you send out a query to google, you are actually benefiting from artificial intelligence, as google uses machine learning to sift through the queries and coming up with some of the most accurate responses. Today artificial intelligence is not just beneficial for the bigger organizations but also to the smaller bigger organizations.

In one of the studies conducted by conducted by Forbes 30% of the businesses will be using artificial intelligence by the end of 2018. Artificial intelligence is already being used by most of the business organizations through some of the best applications like the automated time and the attendance system. There are a few reasons why people prefer artificial intelligence when compared to the humans. Artificial intelligence turns out to make the entire process really very faster, accurate and infinite. Unlike humans who need lunch breaks, tea breaks, vacations and sleep artificial intelligence works around the clock with consistent results. Given here are the 3 ways in which you will understand and know how artificial intelligence helps an organization to grow.

Handling Human Resources: There are a host of applications that rely on the artificial intelligence in order to manage the talent at office. Talent acquisition and management can be done really better by using artificial intelligence. In short you will be spending less amount of money for training the employees. Not just this it also ensures that you don’t land up wasting too much of time working with the wrong employees. Artificial intelligence will turn out to be a great deal with regards to matching your employees to the tasks that they are capable of handling.

Handling the marketing process: When it comes to the marketing process, artificial intelligence is actually capable of analysing the data and are coming up with accurate buyer personas. It is really very awesome to market such products especially for the ones who are in need of it. Artificial intelligence will help the buyers match the buyer’s interest towards your products and services matching up things in detail. In this way the guess work will actually reduce and your business will get to target just the potential buyers. Artificial intelligence is being used by companies like Facebook through the ad network. In such cases it will actually decrease the time of analysing data and A/B testing among the other issues.

Handling simple tasks: If you have not been using any simple tasks applications, then it is really important that you look into acquiring these technologies. And depending on the size of your organization, it is actually one of the best ideas to find applications that will help you in handling the administrative tasks at ease freeing up the time of your employees.

Handling customer care: There are a lot of business owners who have been using chatbots to answer the queries of their customers. These are queries that are answered 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Customers are actually considered to be really very impatient and there fore require undivided attention regardless of the point that they are in the buying journey.

To Conclude,

Artificial intelligence does not come as a human replacement but can help in complementing your employees and leading them towards better productivity and eventually the company growth.

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