Five essential marketing ideas and strategies for any start up

We all do know how important marketing is for all the business organisations, and is even more important for all the start-up business organisations. Unless people come to know what, your organisation is all about and what it has to offer your customers, they will never ever come forward and buy your products and services. Most of us are even today considered about the growth, and none other than the start-up business organisations are concerned about the growth rather than the start-up business organisations. So, whether it’s all about your next SAAS business or the new chain about the Thai ice cream shop, the starts ups are completely a different animal when it comes to marketing. And since marketing is a very unique process when it comes to start up business organisations, the below given tips should help you give you a big and a good start. Let’s have a look at them right below. 

1.Using Paid Search Advertising

Paid search has turned out to become the most popular kind of an advertising especially when it comes to the start-ups. It does allow the business owners to buy laser targeted traffic from the various search engines like google and Bing. Google AdWords and Bing ads are the most leading paid search networks featuring keywords and targeting with cost per click pricing model. Making use of either of these networks can help you in creating custom ads for your start up and would appear in the search engines when someone uses the keyword related to your business.

2. Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most essential strategy that is required to attract customers towards your business. Once you have the prospects or your customers email address, you can then go ahead and send them emails promoting your business. And in order to take advantage of this marketing strategy it is important that you first collect the email address of your customers. And if you have a website for your business then do make sure that you have a separate column asking your customers to sign up for the newsletter. 

3. Starting a blog

Blogging is one of the most powerful strategy that can help your start up business generate the exposure it needs. One of the studies have shown that businesses who have blogs are able to generate around 130% leads when compared to their competitors. With a blog you can actually go ahead and position your start up as a leading source attracting search traffic on your website. 

4. Having Things being shared on social media

Statistics have shown that there are more than 1.2 billion of people who use social media for their business and personal use even today. So, it does become really very important that you incorporate this channel into your marketing strategy. As your business presence on the social media continues to grow, more and more individuals will see and get to recognize you. Furthermore, most of the social media networks including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest allows your business owners to pay for traffic and the exposure.

5. Sponsoring an Event

Sponsoring an event can actually help your start up business on the radar. Though you would be paying the event organizers some amount of money to become a sponsor and promote their business with signs, stationary, banners, booths and the other marketing materials that could be used during the time of the event. It is actually a mutually beneficial arrangement that is not just effective in driving sales results but will also help in increasing the ROI when done correctly.

To Conclude,

Don’t let your start up company share slip to their competitors. And do consider these five major strategies that will help you promote your business at ease and generating leads and increasing the ROI.

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